Luxury Summer Fizz & Wine Guide

Summer is well and truly here! Grab that glass or flute and prepare for the sun in style. This quick guide should give you all you need to navigate the wine aisles for the best results. Champagne, prosecco, wine and even non-alcoholic wines can all be found here!

First, let’s pop open some fizzy options!

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial (£49.95 from 31Dover)

 This is one of the best champagnes to try this season. Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial is (apparently) the first (and only) Champagne designed primarily to be enjoyed over ice.

If you are a fan of this esteemed producer of champagnes, please do not worry! The usual elegance and maturity is still evident in each bubble. Yet, super chilled and served as suggested, it has a really refreshing and light edge. They seem to have made champagne even more quaffable for the hotter summer months – genius!

Made with pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes, this also matches well with summer fruits too. If I were you, I would  make this your must try champagne… you will love it!

To contrast the fantastic fizzy options in this guide, we have added in an absolute gem of a red. Introducing the  


The 2014 Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon hails from the vineyard of world famous director (yes you guessed it), Francis Ford Coppola. Set in Sonoma, the vineyards have given this tipple a typical Californian touch.

Delectably deep in flavour, with currants and black cherry leading the way, there is also a pleasant note of anise and dark chocolate. Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc are added in to give body, which works superbly well. We were a little concerned that this wine would be a novelty, but we are assure you that it should be taken seriously. One to consider for any adventurous quaffer!

Ombra Di Pantera (£25)

It may be difficult to find a Prosecco which is truly exciting and new, in a world where we are so used to seeing it on our shelves. However, a new exclusively DOCG Prosecco, Ombra Di Pantera, has launched in the UK.

What makes this different to a lot of Proseccos is a seductively stylish aesthetic (you can see that for yourself) and a particularly high quality level of care and effort in the product. It’s fermented for 60 days precisely and created with traditional techniques from the home of Prosecco.

What is DOCG and why does it matter? DOCG is the highest classification for Italian wines, denoting controlled production methods and guaranteed wine quality. Within the Prosecco-producing region of northeast Italy, only vineyards between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene are afforded DOCG status, where winemaking methods have been refined over a thousand years and the vertiginous hills require harvesting by hand.

It has been described by The Standard as the “Porsche of proseccos” and we can see why. The result of the controlled method of production and the utilisation of the finest Glera grapes, is one of the most refined Prossecos available. If you are happy to splash out £25, then you will be rewarded with vibrant bubbles and sparkle, plus an unbeatable flavour. Sublime!

Available at high-end retail outlets and online 

Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Spumante

Prosecco has become one of the most popular drinks in Britain over the last few years. More and more, people are choosing this Italian offering over more classic sparkling options.

At under £20, we think the Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Spumante is one of the best of the bunch. Created with the same aim in mind as the Moet, this drink should be enjoyed over ice cold (or at least under 8 degrees). Medium dry, it’s highly drinkable, with hints of exotic fruits and a sense of luxury. Although, it doesn’t have the depth of flavour of the Moet, it’s certainly accessible, exciting and the price tag is excellent. One to consider and the idea of serving over ice might just make a change to your typical prosecco.

Serve on the rocks with citrus zests or fresh mint.

Scavi & Ray Non-alcoholic Prosecco

Not everyone enjoys drinking alcohol (I know, shocking isn’t it!) and for those who don’t this offering from Scavi & Ray should be high on the list.

The same grapes are used as in the typical bottle of Scavi & Ray, but there is an extensive process which removes the alcohol without ruining the taste. If you are a true fan of Prosecco and wish you could drink it all the time, then this is fantastic. Or if you are so inclined as to not drink alcohol, it’s a very fun and vibrant solution!

Lambrusco NV from 

Deliciously summery, this Il Serraglio Lambrusco is vibrant, refreshing and exciting! A beautiful blend of white peach notes, lemon sorbet and hints from fresh strawberry make for a seasonal flavour. On top of this, there is an enticing blush pink colour, enough to catch the attention of even the most reluctant drinker.

This wine takes its name from the Serraglio vineyard in the hamlet of Saliceto Buzzalino. The Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC vineyard lies on alluvial soils and has been producing grapes as well Abate Fetel and Williams pears for the De Pietri family for 3 generations. Out of the 12 hectares of grapes, only the best are chosen for their Il Serraglio Lambrusco. offers this for only £15 a bottle. A fantastic price, especially as you consider less than 12,000 bottles were created. 

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