Own your own paradise island for as little as £4.5m

If you`ve ever fancied yourself as Robinson Crusoe then this is one for you. 23 islands totaling 926.5 acres available in Papau New Guinea (The Louisiade Islands) for the bargain price of £4.5m. The islands work out 1.5 times the size of Monaco, but you can expect more tranquility of course. This is an extremely rare opportunity as not many private tropical atolls come up for sale, don`t expect it to hang about! The last atoll to come on the market was Marlin Brando`s private island of Te`tiaroa located in Tahiti, which was for sale for $80 million. image image Features – No. of Islands: 23 – Size of Islands: Vary from 1 acre to 240 acres. Total area more than 925 acres – Beaches: Many miles of white sand beaches. – Lagoon Size: Approximately 5 miles by 12 miles. Depth to 95 feet, 3 entrance Channels from the Coral Sea. – Anchorage: Well-protected anchorage for a large fleet of ships. – Title: Torrens Title. Fee Simple Absolute. No encumbrances. – Taxes: There are no real estate taxes. – Uses: Limited only by imagination.
The atoll consists of 23 islands, of more than 1 acre each, and many smaller ones as well which encircle a massive tropical lagoon. These beautiful Islands are ringed by pristine coral reefs, fringed by 360 degree sugar white beaches and filled with coconut palms, ironwood trees, the best tropical scenery you could ever imagine. A tranquil and unspoiled paradise of outstanding natural beauty, of immense ecological importance. You even get a 95-foot-deep lagoon 5 miles wide and 12 miles long at its farthest points. About 700 acres were originally developed as a copra plantation and for a pearl fishery. Neither of these ventures has been carried on for many years. One of the best things about buying the atoll is that there are no real property taxes applicable to these Islands! The islands are situated about 600 miles from Cairns, Australia. There are daily flights on Qantas and Air Nuigini from major cities in Australia to Port Moresby International Airport. From Port Moresby daily flights on Air Nuigini and MBA Airlines operate to the nearest town. From there the Islands are accessible by boats or ships (of any size). There is a 1,500 foot runway for private aircraft, now overgrown, which could be cleared and restored; and a 9,000 foot runway could be built on the largest island. The former airstrip could be cleared for light aircraft use. Enquiries here

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