Luxury minimalist speakers – The future of audio from Opalum

No thicker than a modern LED TV, the Flow 4810 speakers from Scandinavian company Opalum are set to herald a new era in audio technology. The Flow 4810 are partnered with a control hub and RF touch remote, users can stream their music from any device, such as a mobile phone, tablet or PC using Airport express or Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed by one of Scandinavia`s premier designers, Eva Hanner, these luxury minimalist speakers contain patented Actisonic© and Actiline© sound innovation which ensures that sound is delivered in a clear and crisp way.


The depth of the sound, the smoothness of the bass, and the crystal clear delivery of music is unparalleled compared to any other active speaker system. Using a 20W amplifier for the high frequencies and a 100W amplifier for the low frequencies, results in the bi-amplified Flow 4810 providing a powerful 120 watts in each speaker.

They also fit seamlessly into any modern and aesthetically pleasing environment – in other words, they look the business!

Designer Eva Hanner took inspiration from a sheet of A4 floating down a wall. Clearly reminiscent of this, the design is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it minimizes vibrations and conducts the sound directly to the listener.

The Flow 4810 hugs the wall and is a perfect solution for large flat-panel TVs as well as being a superior sound source for all your digital hardware.

The Opalum Flow 4810 retails for £2,899. You cand out more HERE.

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