Luxury Jetski – Yamaha FX Cruiser

If you’ve got a $100 million dollar yacht then you are most certainly going to need a reliable, luxury Jetski to make the most of those long lazy days at sea. Yes, they can be a bit dangerous in the wrong hands, but what an adrenaline rush.

Lussorian’s recommended Jetski purchase has got to be the Yamaha FX Cruiser which retails for £10,500 ($16,500).


Being a 3 seater with a top speed of 60mph this beast can really give you the high performance luxury you’re going to need.

Yamaha describe it as follows:

“Flowing curves, sleek lines and can`t-stop-grinning performance from an ultra-advanced, amazingly quiet, economical, and environmentally responsible power plant? Until recently, that was too much to ask of a personal watercraft. Now, once again, Yamaha engineers have rewritten the rulebook.

With 160 Yamaha Four-stroke horsepower, the exciting FX High Output Cruiser has massive propulsion power, and packs more engine-management technology into a marine power unit than ever before. And with an amazing power-to-weight ratio, you can bet it`s a whole lot more fun. With luxurious seating for three on this Cruiser model, a 70-litre fuel capacity, huge storage and cooler compartments and a ready-to-go hook-up for skiing or wakeboarding, why would you ever want to go home?”

This is on my shopping list when I have my yacht! It could even make my shopping list without the yacht.

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