Luxury alpaca throws from Alicia Adams

Did you know that there are only around 3million alpacas left in the world today, 70% of those living in Peru? Did you also know that back in the days of the Incas, alpaca wool was only reserved by royalty and this has led to the alpaca being referred to as Andean Gold.

Alicia Adams has developed a range of natural products that aim to get the most out of the natural positives that this unique wool brings with it. She started breeding Suri alpacas (one of the world`s rarest breeds) in The Hudson Valley back in 2006 and has now become a name synonymous with luxury, quality alpaca soft furnishing products.


We recently received one of Alicia`s Herringbone design baby alpaca (the finest category of alpaca fleece) wool throws to review. Not a word of a lie, this throw is possibly the softest, warmest material you`ll ever get your hands on. Perfect for wrapping yourself to escape the chill, or throwing on a settee or bed, it`s not that often we`re bowled over with a product but this is a true exception. You certainly won`t be disappointed.

Alicia also has a range of scarves, shawls and baby products all in natural colours which are hypoallergenic and very lightweight. Whilst these products are not `cheap` – you really get what you pay for, a product that will last you a lifetime! Throws cost $385.

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