Live Healthier With The Salter Digital Hot Air Fryer

If you haven’t heard of air fryer technology, it’s a healthier alternative to the classic fryer and it uses little or no oil! By reducing the in take of oils typically used in frying the food is burdened with less calories and you can eat some of your favourite foods relatively guilt free! The taste is not compromised one bit either, as the air frying technology ensures you get that same great taste. There are many air fryers on the market, but the Salter Digital 4.5 litre is one of the best out there. Fitted with a sleek digital, touch sensitive LCD display the fryer is stylish enough for any kitchen work top.

With a whopping 1400 W power, the fryer can heat up to 200° and uses a heat circulation method in order to cook your food incredibly quickly. The kit comes with a built in 30 minute timer and an auto-off switch, therefore giving you piece of mind that you can fry away and carry on doing typical daily tasks. The removable 4.5 non-stick coated cooking basket is a breeze to use and to clean too. Ideal for home-made chips or wedges as well as meat, spring rolls, stuffed vegetables and quiche, it can cook a huge variety of meals.

Purchase yours from Amazon here or directly from Salter.

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