Krug Champagne & the Philharmonia Orchestra bring spring to London

It was with some trepidation that I went to the annual recreation of Krug Grande Cuvee as Champagne would not normally be my tipple of choice – however all previous preconceptions were obliterated with the first sip of what can only be described as liquid old in a glass. It was by far the best champagne I have ever had the privilege to try.

The delightful evening took place at The Loading Yard in Shoreditch. The hustle and bustle of Bricklane was immediately quelled as I entered the tranquil exhibition room and was handed a glass of cool crisp Krug Grande Cuvee; the feeling of exclusivity was overwhelming.


The event, which was being run for one week only, aimed to investigate the parallels between conducting a symphony orchestra and composing Krug Grande Cuvee, the signature Champagne of the House. In order to show this, I was lead through a maze of the most talented pianist, each one representing a different taste note in the Cuvee and with its own signature character.

It was a truly inspiring and unforgettable experience, and I am extremely glad I was given the opportunity to attend such a well thought-out and prestigious event.

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