Conquer home cleaning with the Henry Allergy & Henry Quick

The world of vacuum cleaners is an array of new technology, new companies and a vast array of players trying to outdo each other. But, what about the classic vacuum, what about British made Henry? Well, this national treasure has a raft of new and exciting gadgets up its sleeve, making it a serious contender for your next vac of choice.

Struggle with allergies? Pet dander got you down? Meet Henry Allergy, your new best friend in the fight for a sneeze-free home. This bagged vacuum cleaner boasts a superhero-worthy filtration system, trapping dust mites, pet dander, and other allergy triggers 800 times smaller than a hair! That’s right, Henry Allergy tackles the microscopic villains that make your eyes water and nose run.

But Henry Allergy doesn’t stop there. It boasts a self-sealing dust bag, so those trapped allergens stay firmly locked away, no sneaky escapes during emptying. Plus, the large 6-litre capacity means less frequent bag changes, minimising your exposure to dust altogether.

Henry Allergy isn’t a one-trick pony. With a variety of attachments (depending on the retailer), this little powerhouse tackles all surfaces. Carpets? Hard floors? Upholstery? Crevices even the dust bunnies fear? Henry Allergy conquers them all! The handy Combi Floor Tool lets you seamlessly switch between cleaning carpets and hard floors, while the specialist tools (availability may vary) ensure a deep clean on every nook and cranny.

And Henry Allergy is built to last. This compact and lightweight vacuum (around 7.5kg) is easy to manoeuvre around furniture, leaving no room for allergens to hide. Plus, its powerful 620W motor ensures a thorough clean every time. No need to worry about messy filter maintenance either; Henry Allergy uses disposable dust bags for a clean and convenient experience.

Now, Henry Allergy might not be able to teleport across the room (yet!), so keep in mind the hose length is around 2.2 meters. It also makes some noise while operating, just like any superhero needs a cool battle cry. Finally, remember to factor in the cost of replacement dust bags.

Overall, Henry Allergy is your allergy-fighting partner in crime. With its superior filtration, allergy-friendly features, and versatile cleaning power, Henry Allergy helps you breathe easy and keep those pesky allergens at bay. So ditch the sniffles and welcome Henry Allergy into your home – a cleaner, healthier environment awaits!

But that’s not all, Henry has now gone cordless! Introducing the Henry Quick cordless vacuum (£299.99)

Henry Quick might be small, but don’t underestimate its power! It sucks up dirt like a hungry hippo, all while boasting a fancy emptying system that keeps your hands sparkling clean (no dusty dust bags here!). Plus, it holds more dirt than some of its competitors, so you can spend less time emptying and more time enjoying a clean home.

Henry Quick comes with a whole toolbox of tricks! Need to tackle tight corners or furniture shadows? The nifty 2-in-1 tool and crevice seeker are at your service. An LED headlight acts like a spotlight for those sneaky dust bunnies, ensuring no dirt monsters escape your cleaning wrath. And when it comes to maintaining peak performance, the easy-clean brush bar pops out in a snap.

The best part? Henry Quick is kind to the planet! Its special pods are made with recycled materials, so you can be a cleaning superhero and an eco-warrior all at once. Henry Quick is the perfect choice for convenient, powerful cordless cleaning – lightweight, manoeuvrable, and packing a surprising punch!

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