Introducing the powerful Polk MagniFi Mini Sound Bar

Compact, powerful, the MagniFi Mini delivers the huge and house filling sound. This device has all of these tricks and more up its sleeve. A great all rounder and it’s really taken us by surprise… here is why!

Compact and stylish

Aesthetically speaking the compact style of the Polk MagniFi Mini Sound Bar works well in most set ups. Around half the length of your typical sound bar, yet similar in width, the unit nestles neatly in front of any TV or can be discreetly hidden.

In terms of design, the black unit comes with silver highlights to the front panel, a range of hidden LEDs which convey volume and other details, plus there is a control unit on the top. This panel allows you to control volume, connectivity and inputs easily. So far, so good. For us, the subwoofer unit could do with slightly more stylisation and care. It appears quite plain and simple, whereas the main unit looks minimalistic.

Slick connectivity

The Polk MagniFi Mini is fully loaded when it comes to connectivity!

You can connect this device using an array of physical connections, such as optical, HDMI ARC (which we love) and 3.5mm Jack. Plus, there is the option of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Google Chromecast. Amazing for such a modest sized device!

One thing we love is that the subwoofer neatly links to the sound bar wirelessly in seconds of switching on. Already paired, there is no need to faff around connecting the two, as it happens instantly.

The easy to use wireless connectivity doesn’t end there; in fact, there is Bluetooth capability and Wi-Fi connectivity which work seamlessly. This means you can use apps such as Google Chromecast to stream YouTube and Spotify. We have tried to connect via both of the before mentioned streaming systems and initial integration took minutes. If you have an old record player (like us), then the Polk translates this sound authentically too. We cannot stress how easy it is to use the Polk and just how versatile it is. Superb.

Super sound

You may be wondering how a unit which is half the size of a typical sound bar can compare for sound – well, let me tell you, it most certainly can! Thanks to a multiple driver output, sound has a clarity and sense of definition we did not expect. Supporting this is a wireless subwoofer, meaning the system creates an immersive surround sound via 5.1 Dolby Digital. The bass is powerful and relatively refined, giving the output a cinematic feel at all ranges. Movies have a richness you would expect from the Dolby Digital integration, therefore filling the room and giving that true cinema feel.

The sound is truly impressive sound and powerful for such a small unit (only 3.1 inches high!) and for the cost. Plus, you can customise base, volume and vocal levels using the handy remote control.

For £349.99, it’s a strong performer and the sound is truly impressive for the size. If you are looking for an option which isn’t quite top-end but reaches near top-end results, then the Polk MagniFi Mini Sound Bar is the one for you.

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