Iconic Made in Britain product reaches 50 year anniversary

Lussorian is a luxury site right? You don`t really expect the humble Lava Lamp to feature here, but we feel it`s now part of our heritage and the British built Mathmos range has a higher level of quality to that of inferior Lava Lamps.

The quality, heritage and a milestone year sees the iconic lamp make it into out lux listings and we feel the release of the latest lava lamp, the Mathmos limited edition gold Astro lava lamp sits very comfortably here indeed.


It`s a bit of a looker, isn`t it?!

Mathmos lava lamps are a 100% British invention and have been in continuous production in the UK for 50 years.

The story goes that eccentric inventor Edward Craven-Walker originally developed the lava lamp from a design for an egg timer he saw in a Dorset pub.

Now the aluminum bases are spun in the Devon countryside, bottles are manufactured in Yorkshire and every Mathmos lava lamp is hand filled in Poole, Dorset with the unique formulation perfected by Edward Craven Walker. – The lava lamp is an iconic piece of British design whose popularity is intrinsically linked to cultural and social trends.

To celebrate 50 years of fine lava lamp production, Mathmos have released a limited edition gold Astro lava lamp, signed by Christine Craven-Walker, the wife and business partner of company founder and eccentric inventor Edward Craven-Walker.

The limited edition comes with a special numbered certificate, a decorative sash and a commemorative ‘Made in Britain’ stamp. On sale at Aria, priced at £100.

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