How to create the perfect luxury bathroom

Written by John Horner, Managing Director at Farmiloe. Farmiloe is an independent distributor working with world`s finest bathroom brands

Luxury customers are dedicating more time, money and space to creating the perfect bathrooms for their private residences. Many of our customers are travelling to the world`s most sumptuous hotels, where generous bathrooms with beautiful fittings are commonly used to create the right atmosphere. Guests leave these hotels wanting to recreate this experience in their own bathrooms and there are some clever ways of achieving this.

When it comes to designing your luxury bathroom, being generous with the amount of space for the bathroom is a luxury in itself and a great starting point.

The next step is to make sure the layout reflects how you are going to use the room and design your bathroom around this; you can do this by working with your architect, designer or bathroom supplier to create an efficient and ergonomic floor plan.

Whilst you are perfecting the overall design, it`s important to keep a keen eye on the details. Bathrooms are part of everyday life and, by carefully designing your space and selecting the right products – you can find ways of using high-design to enhance your daily routine.


A way of doing this is to explore a quality-orientated approach to materials. For example, look for tactile materials such as a steel enamelled finish for your bath; it has the same surface finish as chinaware and will give you luxurious feel every time you use it. Quality is also about experience; for example, one way of bringing the spa feeling to your home is by varying the water delivery in your bathroom, this can be rain, mist, waterfall or body jets.

Customers are becoming more and more detail-focused. In the same way they would expect their clothes to be made from the best fabrics, they are looking for the finest craftsmanship and materials for their bathrooms. There are a number of bathroom brands, such as lifestyle brand Gessi, that have responded to this trend. With its flagship store on Via Manzoni in Milan (an address known more for its fashion boutiques than bathroom brands), Gessi provides the complete bathroom experience for high-end customers, including the finest brass and china fittings but also looks at accessories, mirrors, scents, robes and towels.

Details are fundamental and accessories play an important role in completing great furniture and achieving a total luxury look.

It`s all these small elements that accumulate to create the perfect luxury bathroom – a place you can shut yourself off from the world and relax.

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