How About a Luxury TV That Moves on Tracks?

I often have a problem when I invite people round to watch a big game, getting the position of my TV right. In fact I can’t reposition it at all! How useful would it be if you could move your plasma screen to different parts of the room. Pretty damn useful I would say.

That’s the idea behind

Here’s what Trakit say about their product

“Trak-kit was designed to meet people’s need for mobility and versatility with their plasma or LCD screens. The design and manufacturing team developed this revolutionary system to elegantly free you from fixed flat screen wall-mounts, giving you a more flexible viewing experience.

Trak-kit consists of suspending a screen from an track system to allow for a linear, rotation and vertical display movement path. The flat screen can now be used in multiple areas, allowing you to enjoy your television beyond the living room. Wires are no longer a burden and eye-sore as they are with traditional a/v equipment carts: all cables are integrated into a individual cable management system inside the track. Trak-kit is designed to fit any user’s need for customized configurations, making it appropriate for innumerable applications in residential homes and commercial spaces.”

I’m not sure what the pricing will be on this but what a cool idea. A true luxury accessory!

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