Heartier Review – premium food subscription service

Founded in 2014, Heartier is a premium foodstuff delivery service supporting the UK’s independent farmers, who are producing ethical foods such as meats, cheeses, chocolate and charcuterie.

We only recently heard of these folks and what they’ve set out to do, and wanted to put all the good we’ve been hearing to the test. Heartier is essentially a website that gives independent producers the online presence and chance to reach new foodie customers. Every element of your delivery can be traced back to the farm and breed of animal, and you can be rest assured that the animal’s welfare is of Heartier’s highest priority. You could argue that Heartier reflects a growing trend and desire for more ethically sourced meats, something the supermarkets simply can’t offer you (even though they may promise it!).

The site is super easy to use. You simply select the hamper or selections you’re interested in, pay for it and then wait for the refrigerated delivery to your door. Fed up with buying tasteless and bland meats from the supermarket, we were eager to give it a go ourselves. The first thing you’ll notice from a first glance at the website, is the sheer volume of occasion and taste related meat selections, from BBQ packs to fine Sunday lunch joints of every kind. There isn’t a piece of meat they can’t ethically source and prepare for you, and the costs are not as high as you may think – in fact they compare favourably to a local butcher’s prices plus you get the added benefit of the convenience of delivery to your door and the inspiration to try something a little different.

Our Summer Meats package arrived the next day (with courier tracking) and for the reasonable price of £80 it contained:

  • Stir-fry beef
  • Topside / Silverside (Weight: 1kg)
  • 2 Rump steaks (Weight: 8oz per steak)
  • 2 Flatiron steaks
  • 2 Bavette steaks
  • 2 Gammon steaks (Weight: 8oz per steak)
  • 2 Pork chops
  • Classic pork sausages (Number of sausages: 6)
  • 4 Chicken drumsticks
  • 2 Chicken thighs

This was most certainly an impressive selection for sure. However, what we were most interested in was the flavour and whether you could truly tell the difference between Heartier, the supermarkets luxury ranges and our local butcher. Hands down, Heartier’s meat is the clear winner and we’re not just saying that – as a true meat connoisseur I can honestly put hand on heart and give you my oath. In fact, we’d go as far to say we’ve not tasted such meaty tasting meat for as long as I can remember. Even the chicken tasted different, nicer… like you’d expect chicken to taste, with real depth. Years of relying on far lesser quality meats from the supermarket have destroyed our expectations on what meat should actually taste like. The whole experience has taught us that you really do get what you pay for, and in fact, with Heartier you get even more with the convenience factor.

It is also worth noting that the Heartier digital platforms are brimming with meal inspiration and delicious recipes that are super easy to follow and will certainly ensure the premium meats are given the best chance to shine.

To sum up… if you enjoy good, I mean GREAT meat, are looking for convenience and great selections (with some fantastic savings too), then Heartier is well worth a try. At the very least, register for their deals and join this massive taste revolution that is Heartier!

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