Glengoyne 40 year old Single malt – Real excellence

The Glengoyne distillery is known as Scotlands most beautiful and most accessable, only 30 mins from Glasgow. Glengoyne has been producing Single Malts for over 170 years. The reputation that they have built up is truly deserved.

Using methods passed down for generations, Glengoyne has nurtured and perfected the art of producing the authentic taste of Malt Whisky, untainted by peat smoke. The result is a portfolio of multi-award winning whiskies including the core 10, 17 and 21 Years Old range, as well as special limited edition Single Malts, released each year.


The rather special (understatement) 40 year old single malt is now available for the first time. This is considered to be one of Glengoyne’s finest. It typifies Glengoyne`s long standing commitment and enthusiasm for their craft and heritage.

This “real taste of Malt” is backed up by some serious packaging! To have a whiskey this good, it would be a crime to not present it properly. It is only right then, that the Decanter itself is a work of art. The shape of the crystal decanter creates a strong visual feature of the 40 Years Old Single Malt`s dark copper colour, complemented by gold engraving. Each decanter`s individual number, engraved in the base, is accompanied by an etching of Scotland`s most beautiful distillery, reflecting up through the malt itself.

And then there is the 11 times lacquered piano-finished solid oak wood presentation box, complete with gold plates on the front and hand-stitched cream leather interior, further reinforces the excellent quality and showcases the rich, natural colour of the 40 Years Old Malt. An accompanying dark, brown leather and gold foil traditionally bound book, personally signed by Distillery Manager, Robbie Hughes, provides tasting notes and detailed background on Glengoyne`s long and illustrious history as an independent distillery since 1833.

If you ever needed to see such a statement of luxury, of superior quality, this special Single malt is ticking every box. The 40 year old malt is an exciting release from Glengoyne. Just 250 crystal decanters of this unique and treasured Malt are available from specialist whisky outlets in the UK and worldwide, Domestic RRP £3,750.

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