Glen Moray’s Warehouse 1 Christmas Three

We’ve been fans of Glen Moray for years, consistently delicious single malts that are great staples for the drinks cabinet.

The distillery’s ‘Christmas Three’ is your opportunity to gift someone something very special. Three treasures from its award-winning Warehouse 1 Collection, each celebrating the marriage of its classic Speyside single malt with some of Europe’s most revered wine and sherry varieties.

The trio includes:

Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Amarone Finish 55.4% abv

Finished in casks that once held Italy’s legendary Amarone red wine, offering rich, ripe fruity notes that are the perfect complement to Glen Moray’s classic Speyside spirit.

Sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon and fig on the nose, transcending into a deep, rich chocolate cherry liqueur. Flavours of sweet brown sugar and notes of chocolate fade to reveal a burst of red cherry, with lingering fresh green peppercorns.

Distillation 12.02.2010

Only 1194 bottles available

RRP £79.95

Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Amontillado Finish 57.5% abv

Finished in casks that once held this dark sherry from the Montilla region of Spain, giving the finished whisky its dry, deep, rich sherry notes.

An intense hit of caramel and chocolate on the nose, which morph into earthy notes of leather and tobacco expanding into rich, warm woody flavours with chocolate and hazelnut. A gentle spice gives way to a buttery chocolate finish.

Distillation 12.08.2013

Only 1248 bottles available

RRP £74.95

Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Oloroso Fully Matured 60% abv

Dark, nutty Oloroso (“scented” in Spanish) plays an important part in finishing Glen Moray’s core range, but this is the distillery’s first expression to be fully matured in Oloroso casks.

Oaky and malty aromas combine with hedgerow fruits, rich cocoa and a subtle hint of toasted chestnuts on the nose. To taste there is sweet liquorice, noted of rich autumn leaves and tannin, and a nuttiness that transforms to oaky spice and a long, lingering sweet, dried fruit finish.

Distillation: 06.06.2014

Only 1950 bottles available

RRP £76.95

Glen Moray’s Global Brand Ambassador Iain Allan believes that the light, smooth, fruity Speyside character of Glen Moray matured in unusual casks choices is a winning combination. He commented: ‘There’s something magical about Warehouse 1 and the unexpected and experimental casks that lie within it, and we have definitely bottled some of that magic with these three exceptional new whiskies. They are stunning single malts, continuing Glen Moray’s long heritage of cask exploration and of journeys around the world to source casks that bring bold, vibrant, sun-soaked flavours to our classic Speyside single malt whisky. Whether for full maturation or just for the finish, these casks bring extraordinary flavour and complexity to our whisky, with three distinctive expressions for whisky fans to savour over the festive season.’

More info on the Glen Moray website.

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