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If You have children, you will nod in agreement at how fast they seem to grow up. If only there was a way to capture that scrummy little bundle at birth and not have to go through the teenage years….(!)

Well, there is! Sculpture casting company First Impressions are not unique in what they do. They are, however, in a different league from the rest by the professional and clearly defined finish. The end results of these personalised castings is nothing short of spectacular.

Judy Wiseman rose to prominence in the 1980’s when she was the first artist to produce life size casts of newborn babies’ feet and hands. “This feels like a 21st Century version of the work I started then” she says, recalling her Plaster sculpture work since, with castees including Cherie Blair, Jonathan Ross, Elton John, Nick Faldo and many celebrities’ babes.


The Stunning Babyface Piece

First Impressions have achieved a world first, with its unique BabyFace collection, using state of the art digital technology to turn 3D photographs into delicate pieces of jewellery and baby sculpture.

Currently taking commissions from parents, keen to capture their baby’s first months and treasure a wearable memory of their child, First Impressions will transform the digital images into charms, cufflinks or stand-alone works in polished bronze, glass or silver. Each is accurate to the tiniest detail, even down to the creases on the baby’s skin.

First Impressions has sculpted everything from tiny pairs of newborn baby’s feet to family’s hands. Unique details of those special moments; clasped hands with wedding rings, tiny feet, pregnant tummies, beautiful backs, children’s faces and beloved pet’s paws are captured forever as exquisite life-size or miniature pieces.

Tender moments forever captured. Priceless?

The castings can be made from plaster, Aluminium resin, bronze resin, bronze, crystal or sterling silver. The Babyface charm, pictured above, is available in either silver or gold, costing approximately £850 for silver. Other sculptures range from £195 for feet in plaster to p.o.a for sterling silver pieces.

To discuss ideas or order a piece, please call Judy Wiseman at her north London studio on 020 8346 8666

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