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For wine investors and enthusiasts alike – secure and stable environmental storage is crucial.


Octavian Vaults, based 100m below England’s Wiltshire countryside offers a premium fine wine cellarage facility. Current stocks under management total in the region of £500 million (1 billion dollars). For added assurance Octavian can provide customers with the world’s first secure storage certificate that guarantees storage provenance.

“Each case of wine will receive a certificate with a unique identification, detailing that it has been stored and cared for in the proper conditions. The certificate is protected against fraud by overt security features similar to those used in currency, including a unique controlled hologram, a patented numismatic UV feature, controlled watermarked paper and thermochromic ink that disappears on contact with heat. In addition there are also a number of covert features to protect the certificate at a forensic level.”

For added reassurance Octavian are insured for total loss – i.e the sum insured covers declared value of every case, for every customer. Great peace of mind for anybody with a priceless case of red.

Commenting on the launch of Octavian Vaults, Nigel Jagger, founder, Cert Octavian said:

`From the moment the grapes are picked to when the wine is drunk or sold, it spends the majority of its lifetime in storage; it is therefore surprising that the crucial role of storage in a wine`s journey is often overlooked. Octavian Vaults is a service that reflects the critical importance of wine storage, ensuring that the wine matures perfectly due to the optimum natural storage conditions, proving storage provenance through our unique certification system and providing what we regard as the necessary level and structure of insurance cover for our customers` valuable assets. Octavian Vaults` customers care passionately about wine, and they show the same meticulous approach in where they store it as they do in the initial purchase.`

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