The Boucheron / La Maison du Chocolat chocolate snake – £600,000!

To mark the 150th anniversary of Boucheron, La Maison Du Chocolat were recently called in to recreate the unique style of a Boucheron snake necklace… but in chocolate! The chocolate version is truly a work of art directed by the Creative Director of Chocolate at La Maison du Chocolat. It`s not all chocolate though… it has a The 20.08 carat tinted yellow diamond for a tongue. image We were recently invited to go and see the necklace in its full glory (and try a few chocolates of course) at the London flag ship store. Heavily guarded, the necklace is on a tour around the globe which includes locations such as Japan, Russia, India, America as well as a few other exclusive locations. It`s for sale too… at £600,000! We were advised by the Commercial Director of Boucheron that there has been some interest in the piece, but it recently endured a slight problem in Japan when all the flashes from the Japanese paparazzi started melting the snake! Would you wear it? Ermmmm… nope and I probably wouldn`t eat it either (although it`s gonna be delicious). No doubt it will make a nice valentines gift for a billionaire!
Whilst we are on the subject of food, after being fed chocolates from the new Maison du Chocolat range and having a presentation from the Creative Director himself, we decided to go and try out a Nando`s flagship restaurant in Covent Garden as we`d heard it was pretty swoofy. We love a good Nando`s and had heard that this restaurant was well worth experiencing… we needed no more excuses! image It`s a fantastic venue (ground floor) with a very relaxed atmosphere and some fantastic tribal deco. Oh… and they had one of those new Dyson hand dryers which are just incredible (I`m getting old aren`t I!) If you are in or around Covent Garden then drop by, well worth a look… and a cocktail or two! image

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