Exclusive lotto`s

In our modern world of `want` a couple of bright sparks have seen a market in exclusive lotteries, especially when it comes to some of the nicest motors on the planet.

One of these beauties could be yours for only £60 …… if you’re lucky!

Two that I have picked up are:

Best of the Best
This company are hugely popular in airports across the UK. They have lotto`d £7m worth of cars to 130 lucky winners. Tickets cost around £60 and they tend to release approx 2000 of them. You can buy online as well as at the actual stand in the airport. Some of their cars include the Porsche 997 Turbo, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin DB9, Ferarri F430 F1 and loads more. They also hold superbike draws. They rightly give a donation to charity so there is the feel good factor after buying the ticket.

Win your Bentley
A great site run by some extremely entrepreneurial Hungarian dudes. Like `best of the best`, the competition is open to all on the internet and looks to raise a fair amount of cash before the draw for a Bentley Continental is made. The boys are looking for 6000 keys to be sold, and they have already almost sold 1000, and was only launched on the 1st June!

There are also some stories flying around about people entering their entire house into a lotto – including all their possessions! One thing is for sure, the internet is opening some very interesting doors for ideas.

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