David Marshall Designer Jewelry

These designer jewelry pieces have been created by David Marshall, who has now set up his own studio creating signature pieces which include bold use of rare and exquisite gemstones and the intricate diamond designs that reference the eclectic trinkets and arabesque arches found in ancient Arabian souks.

His new studio has literally just launched and we`ve picked out three key pieces from his new collection below:

The Rose Necklace – £101,500
(pearshaped 18.90 carat morganite surrounded by 9 carats of graduating pink to white diamonds on a diamond set leaf and stem necklace) with Leaf Earrings RRP £2,375 (0.4 carat diamonds set in platinum)

Pearshaped Diamond Necklace – £235,935
(5 carat pearshaped diamond dropped from a glittering 9 carat diamond set necklace)

Peridot Cross – £28,270
(19 carat Peridot cross with 4.29 carats of graduating diamonds).

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