Best ice cream maker in the world

NitroCream`s new patented, hand-crafted and eco-friendly N2-G4 liquid nitrogen ice cream could well lay claim to the best ice cream maker ever.


Engineered to high precision the N2-G4 has been created to produce the finest quality, hand-crafted ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet machine around.

The machine produces limitless frozen dessert flavour combinations which can be made fresh in seconds and the
– no need for any freezers.

The N2-G4 luxury ice cream machine operates using liquid nitrogen using a patented process

Features include:

• Can be cleaned in a few seconds.

• Lightweight and portable – under 20` wide and weighs less than 90 lbs.

• No refrigerants, fluids, compressors or condensers.

• No washers and gaskets to replace or throw away.

• No need for water hook-ups or drains.

The standard model N2-G4 prices start at $34,900 and custom models start at $75,000.

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