BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony Reviewed

New or expectant parents are subject to a deluge of must-have baby products, each claiming to the best for little ones and offering a range of features. However, the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony is the best in its field. Luxurious materials, well-designed for modern parents and incredibly comfortable – this may just be the best carrier on the market!

BabyBjörn has a stupendous reputation in the parenting sphere. A name synonymous with high-quality baby products from travel cots to booster seats, they offer a range of products from ages 0 and up. The Baby Carrier Harmony is the flagship of their baby carrier range with a £190 price tag, placing competitively among other top brands offering high-end carriers.  But does it live up to this price tag? Absolutely – here’s why…

What makes the Baby Carrier Harmony a cut above the rest?

This beautifully crafted and aesthetically stunning carrier has a soft-structure, 3D mesh and ergonomic design. Crafted and engineered for the busy modern parent, it is outstandingly comfortable. For those long walks the pressure-relieving waist belt and ample back support gives you freedom from aches and strains. It’s lightweight and, thanks to it being easy to pack away, great for those on the move. 

A lot of parents seek carriers to create a sense of closeness with baby when on the move. The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony offers the ability to face baby inward or outwards (from 5 months when baby can support their own neck), or on your back, giving flexibility to suit all parents.

Your baby is also treated to a luxurious experience too, with a soft mesh supporting baby and adjustable head support.  In fact, head support has three different positions, allowing it to be tailored for your little one, giving them back and neck support. Baby Carrier Harmony is suitable for newborns (minimum of 3.2kg) and can be adapted for children up to the age of 3 years old (maximum weight of 15kg).

The key differentiator here with lower-cost, non-ergonomic baby carriers is the comfort. BabyBjörn have researched a range of design elements and built them into the design to ensure maximum comfort for you and baby. For example, when positioning baby, you can control leg position, alter the seat area and adjust height of the carrier as they grow – ensuring full customisation of comfort. Each element providing weight distribution to suit the parent too. In fact, the carrier is so good for your hips, ‘the International Hip Dysplasia Institute has evaluated Baby Carrier Harmony and acknowledges it as “hip friendly”’- quite a stamp of approval!

The care and attention to detail throughout the product design makes this one of the most comfortable carriers out there. Mesh technology also means air can freely flow between you and baby, providing cooling on those warmer days.

The material is also safe for newborns straight from the box. All of BabyBjörn’s fabrics meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. This means that they’re kind to your baby’s skin and safe to taste. It also means you do not need to wash the baby carrier before using it for the first time.

It’s also a breeze to get baby into position…

The BabyBjörn Baby Harmony Carrier offers unparalleled comfort, super-smart design and intuitive customisation. If you are looking for a baby carrier, or even if you weren’t considering one before reading this, this will not disappoint. Highly recommended!

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