Arizona Luxury Home Specialist

I must admit Arizona has never really appealed and it would be one of the last places I would consider for a luxury home purchase. Having had a nose around what’s on the market I was pleasantly surprised to see some really quite sumptuous examples of pure luxury.

In particular I noticed this spacious piece of Scottsdale real estate. The architecture here really isn’t to my taste but I guess there is degree of subjectivity at work here.


This house is currently on the market with Arizona Luxury Home Specialist Christie-Woods Vollmecke for $2,150,000 and includes 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, a 5 bay garage and a pool/spa.

As luxury home specialists go Christie Woods appear to have a fine pedigree and a swanky website to boot, so go and check out some of their other stock including their gilbert real estate luxury homes.

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