A Most Expensive Shirt By Eton

A few weeks ago I was invited to the unveiling of a particularly special shirt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend in the end, but Eton, a Swedish family owned luxury shirt specialist celebrated their
80th birthday with the launch of `The world`s most expensive tailored shirt`.


Billed as an “ultra glamorous evening shirt” there is no denying it’s beautifully tailored and woven style. Materials were derived from the finest and rarest Egyptian cotton yarn which was hand chosen by Eton`s Creative Director Jan Borghardt. He comments “I have been in this business for my entire professional career, and I handle high-end quality textiles on a daily basis but I have never before felt a fabric like this one.”

The shirts most striking aspect are the seven coloured diamonds that adorn the shirt studs and cufflinks. The five diamond dress stud set consists of multi coloured diamonds and the cufflinks each have one white diamond and all are set in white with black enamel borders.


The shirt`s value is £23,000 ($47,000 approx) and it will commence a world wide tour of Eton`s international stores which includes Milan, LA and Stockholm. The tour lasts for one year and in Spring 2009 it will be auctioned and Eton will donate the proceeds to charity.

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