$40,000 Diamond iPhone

The iPhone has rapidly become the must have gadget of it’s generation. But what about this Amosu, diamond encrusted version?


Feted as a limited edition and incorporating ethically sourced diamonds, the Amosu iPhone really is a thing of beauty. Priced at $40,000 (£20,000) it’s got to be the ultimate bling accessory.

According to Amosu:-

“Each phone is handcrafted to perfection using skilled craftsmanship, all diamonds are recyclable, which means they can be removed from one handset and then recast onto another, meaning the customer`s investment continues to shine!”

As an added touch of luxury, Amosu phones offer one year’s International Concierge Service providing access to the inaccessible, from front row seats at fashion shows, to spur of the moment chartered yachts. Perfect for VIP’s or discerning, high net worth clients alike.

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