World`s most expensive bike light. A bright idea?

It`s a very good idea in fact. A couple of £10 bike lights on the front and back of your bike isn`t enough anymore – cycling is getting extreme and there is a large community of nutters out there that just love getting out there in the black of night and cycling down mountains… FOR FUN! Now that`s not particularly fun when you can only see 3 feet in front of you!!!

That`s where Lupine Lights come in. They specialize in very high powered bike lights that you strap to your head. Ingenious really because wherever you turn your head you can see!!! But these are lights with a difference, these are the most powerful bike lights you can buy, and they don`t come cheap. The Betty 12 is the most powerful and can be purchased from this German company at the current exchange rate price of £690 GBP.


BUT before you start sucking the wind in between your teeth, think about all the other uses:

• Night Skiing light
• Mining
• Sewer walking?!
• Night shooting – oh those poor bunnies have got it coming!

The Betty generates so much heat that if a rider isn’t moving fast enough to create wind, the light will automatically start dimming itself to prevent the light from overheating OR worse, burning your hair off.

The Betty is made up of seven powerful LEDs that give off about 1,400 lumens, which means it`s basically a car headlight on your head! It`s quite possible you`ll be mistaken for a UFO so don`t be surprised if a load of MIB`s turn up on your doorstep one morning.

Betty’s spec.

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