The World`s Most Expensive Belt Buckle

The world`s most sought after gun manufacturer, James Purdey & Sons, have produced something a little different.

The Roland Iten R81has the Purdey signature – high quality craftsmanship using the very best materials.

But this isn`t a gun. It`s a piece of history.


Ok, it`s a belt buckle- The world`s most expensive belt buckle.

The result of a skilled collaboration between bespoke gun and rifle makers, Purdey and inventor Roland Iten, the buckle is hand crafted, using the finest Swiss watch making skills.

The buckle is expertly made from steel and rose gold. Not forgetting the historic element, this amazing belt buckle has been inlaid with fossilised mammoth tooth.

And why not?!

The Roland Iten R81is available to purchase from James Purdey & Sons flagship store in Mayfair, London priced at £10,500.

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