MiHome launch wireless thermostatic radiator valves

British tech brand Energenie have recently launched their MiHome brand, featuring a range of smart home products that are simple to use, and easy to integrate with other smart home brands and technologies.

The range encompasses everything from smart plug sockets and light switches to thermostatic radiator valves, monitors and adapters, all with the benefit of energy-saving as well as ease of management.


We recently reviewed the wireless thermostatic radiator valves, which along with the other products in the range, can be managed centrally from the MiHome app. The system is modular, meaning that you can build a smart heating system at your own pace, with a starter kit (Gateway hub plus 3 thermostatic valves) that retails at £169.99. Additional thermostats cost £49.99.

The one complaint we’d have is that the app is a little buggy in places, but we’re certain that new updates will start to take effect over the coming months, making this an even slicker system.

Oliver Tadd, Energenie Commercial Director, explains further: “Few households have the money or inclination to replace all their light switches, plug sockets or heat sources at once, which is what some smart home systems seem to expect you to do! With MiHome, you can take a more typically British approach of tackling one room at a time. You could even feel the energy-saving benefits by swapping out a single radiator valve.”

Several MiHome products involve simple adaptations to existing fittings, which means they’re ideal for rental properties, but can also move house with you, rather than you leaving your smart home investment behind.

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