The Kensington Roof Garden`s Terrace BBQ Review

You may have heard a wild rumour floating around London that there are in fact Pink Flamingos in Kensington. I joke you not, I can confirm this is true. In fact, let`s not stop at Flamingos… I`m talking ancient fine English Oak trees along with tens of other tree varieties, 3 different and wildly varied gardens, views of the London skyline that can`t be beaten… all at the very top of No. 99 Kensington High Street.

This place is a secluded oasis in a bustling city that never sleeps and we had the chance to go and review the Kensington Roof Garden`s latest Terrace BBQ.


Arriving early in anticipation we found No.99 without difficulty, it`s right next to Kensington High St Tube. You enter at the side and take the lift up to the restaurant. We kicked off the evening with a couple of cocktails which went down perhaps a little too easily, then went off to meet the Flamingos. Incredible birds that have been there for well over 20 years (and yes, they`re very pink!).


After a brief tour of the immediate garden (in relation to the restaurant) we sat down to enjoy the delights of the new Terrace BBQ starting the evening with 6 extremely fresh Pacific Maldon oysters which were delicious. It was then onto 4 char-grilled crevette prawns for me and the salmon for Leon (Bailey-Green). We tried a delicious white wine with our fish and then after licking the plate clean we moved onto the mains. I selected well with the rib-eye steak, although Leon`s choice of Poussin spatchcock was a little dry (but that`s the nature or BBQs I guess!).

To finish the evening we opted for the Chocolate tart and the rum cake… I definitely chose well with the Rum Cake – wow!

Overall the night was extremely enjoyable, service was definitely a 10, food was around an 8 and the venue was 9 for randomness – very cool. The only thing we`d add is that you may feel it ever so slightly over priced for what it is… but an experience worth paying for whatever! Just ask for a tour of the gardens if you go mid-week.

Our waiter was Mike and we have to say a huge thank you for looking after us so well – the service was impeccable.


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