The most expensive new piano in the world

Being a pianist today must present a problem, given the bewildering selection of piano’s on the market. However, if you want new top end, then look no further than this $1.2 million grand piano from Kuhn Studio.


Acclaimed as “the most expensive new piano in the world” this instrument is likely to offer unrivaled playability…. Or so you would expect given the price tag!!!!

The 7’4″ black Kuhn-Boésendorfer piano with its matching bench is inset with as many as 100,000 hand cut, polished jewels arranged in diamond patterns.

The instrument has been eighteen months in the making and is a “grand collaboration” between L. Boésendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH of Vienna, Austria and Jon Kuhn, the world’s foremost cold glass sculptor.

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