Steinway launches the new Crown Jewels collection

Iconic Piano manufacturer, Steinway, have announced the launch of a new series of pianos using a striking range of unusual wood veneers topped off with a unique diamond. The Steinway Crown Jewel Collection are said to be built to the same exacting, uncompromising standards of the classic Steinway using a polished ebony finish with their unusual, visually arresting veneers.

Woods for the veneers used for the grand pianos include macassar ebony, East Indian rosewood, kewazinga bubinga and amber wood, whereas pommelé mahogany and Indian apple are used to refine the upright pianos.

Each piece of veneer is just 0.5mm thick and feels like premium paper. As they prepare to attach it, Steinway craftspeople ensure that the pattern matches precisely and evenly from one end of the piano to the other, even across the bevelled edge of the lid. Those lucky enough to own one know that they own a piano whose distinctive look is unlike any other.

The Crown Jewel Collection was first introduced in 1999 and has since then seen a constant increase in popularity, reasons enough for Steinway for an exclusive upgrade to the collection in 2014: each new piano now has a diamond embedded into the fallboard. What’s more, each stone has a certificate to prove that it has been ethically sourced.

To complete this extraordinary collection, each piano is fitted with a special Crown Jewels Emblem on the sound board to underline the uniqueness of this range.

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