Jing Tea

According to a recent survey 196 million cups of tea are reported to be drunk every day in the UK alone and there is no shortage of varieties to choose from.

At the higher end of the market is Jing – a young and innovative company that now counts Harrods, the Fat Duck and Gordon Ramsay amongst his customers.

It claims to offers definitive examples of Asia`s greatest teas, skillfully hand-processed then vacuum-packed at source for unmatched freshness. The company has been busy building relationships with the world`s finest tea farmers in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan, and counts special, rare teas which are seldom seen outside their country of origin in their remit.


The range extends well past the average green, white and black teas with gorgeous varieties such as the fragrant Jasmine Pearls Green, Flowering Osmanthus, Yellow Gold Oolong and Organic Bohea Lapsang Supreme. You can also find more everyday varieties such as Organic Whole Chamomile, Dragon Well Green, Peppermint Leaf, Earl Grey Supreme, Assam Breakfast and Ceylon Black.

I`ve long been a fan of Jasmine tea and eagerly sampled Jings Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. Rolled pearls incorporating lavish ivory tips unravel to reveal long, juicy buds lightly flecked by pale, jasmine petals. When properly brewed it`s pale silver colour with a rich and velvety flavour and heady jasmine aroma. Surprisingly low in caffeine and a source of antioxidants is makes a sensible alternative to a PG tips. If it`s breakfast tea you want however you would do well to serve up a pot of their hearty Assam breakfast tea. Dark, tangy and malty it provides a comforting and full-bodied brew.

A healthier alternative to the skinny lattes and cheaper than champagne- definitely worth a try! More on their website here.


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