Most expensive radiator

Radiators can be such dull objects – so it’s always good when someone reinvents them into items of beauty. This Speira radiator from Aeon is one of the most expensive radiators in the world, retailing for £11,180 plus VAT ($16,800 approx) and you can see why:


All radiators in the Aeon collection are made from the highest-grade solid stainless steel and are built to exacting stylising standards.

Aeon say that the Speira radiator is:

“A state of the the art show stealer – a sculptural light installation that will turn heads and fascinate. Designed to be the focal point in architectural spaces and engineered to heat them. The spiralling sculpture looks so much like a piece of art, that it is almost impossible to recognise that it happens to be a powerful heat source also. A glamorous and beautiful work of art that belies its humble origins as a radiator.”

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