Meet Fab Design’s Spidron Aventador

The Spidron, Swiss car modifying company Fab Design’s tuned-up take on Lamborghini’s Aventador, stole the show at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with its lime green, grey and black colour scheme and unique aerodynamic package.

Basic Adaptations

Some of Fab Design’s adaptations to the Aventador include additional air intakes; new wheels and new aerodynamic rear elements, as well as a new rear wing (carbon fibre).


The engine has been reconfigured and new sport air filters (specially adapted) have been added to boost the total power of this super-sports car from the standard Aventador’s factory-issued 700 hp to a total of 770 hp for the Spidron.

The modifications are also claimed to allow the Aventador Spidron to take just 2.9 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/ hr.

Front to Back Modifications

Looking lower and longer than the standard version of the Aventador, the Spidron’s new design seems to have triangles as its key elements.

Some extra length is added by a new front end with larger air intakes and there is a new vent in front of the Spidron’s wheels. The car’s roof now features what appears to be a kind of faux air intake.

Moving towards the rear, the Spidron features new side skirts; grey five-spoke wheel units highlighted in acid green, and a new rear spoiler, which looks a little like an upside-down version of the spoiler used on Lamborghini’s Murcielago LP670-4 SV.

From this imposing spoiler downward, the ‘triangle’ theme is most evident. Extra trim placed around air intakes creates a bold effect, while the car’s heavily revised rear diffuser and bumper feature body colour wings and flats.

The Price of the Spidron

Available via Fab Design, the Spidron Aventador is priced at approximately $592,000 ($430,000), not including tax, and first deliveries are expected to commence in June. Rumour has it that Fab Design is planning to produce a wide bodied version of the vehicle some time later this year.

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