Gaucho Sloane Avenue – the ‘steaks’ don’t get much higher!

With an invitation to review award winning restaurant Gaucho Sloan Avenue we knew we were in for a real treat. Specialist in the finest cuts of Argentinean Beef , Gaucho was founded by Zeev Godik over ten years ago in Piccadilly, London and has recently seen the business double its takings – no easy feat.


So, eager to trial the delights of the legendary Gaucho steak, we arrived to a very welcoming team of chic and professional staff who clearly had a passion for good food as well as the makings of a happy diner.

But before we talk about our recommendations of what to eat here`s a little history lesson; The first Gaucho Restaurant opened over ten years ago in Piccadilly London. Since then ten more have opened, nine in London and one in Manchester. The Gaucho Restaurants are always mentioned as one of the best places in the UK to sample really superb steak and I find it very hard to disagree.


Argentine Beef is top-class thanks to the adequate moisture, mild climate, rich soil and vast terrain on which it grazes. Due to the fact that Argentine Aberdeen Angus graze freely over the grassland and do not require hormones, the beef results in containing 10% less cholesterol and 25% less intra muscular fat than US or UK beef.

We started by trialling a plethora of beautifully cooked seafood, which was best consumed in a particular order starting with Scallops, onto prawns and finishing with the best tasting lobster we`d ever encountered.

Our waiter then presented us with a board of different cuts of beef and explained the varying tastes of each, and after a few moments of contemplation we decided on the Rib Eye. Ten minutes later we were presented with a masterpiece of culinary skill and the finest cut of steak we have ever tasted (and we`ve had a few!). Succulent, full of taste and cooked perfectly we then realised why Gaucho was so busy and why it has recently won a series of awards.

When it comes to finding restaurants in London you really have to experience the atmosphere, service and quality of Gaucho first hand. Our waiter was incredibly receptive and ensured our evening was first class all the way.

If it`s steak you want you really have to look no further than this restaurant. More information here on the Gaucho website.

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