Forget about lost luggage with `First Luggage`

First Luggage is a direct baggage collection service that is fast getting a name for itself with high fliers and celebrities such as Dannii Minogue, Joan Collins, Normandie Keith and Alan Whicker. In fact it was recently recognized as one of the top 10 most promising businesses in the UK.


This door-to-door luggage forwarding service ensures that all you need for your business ventures, from computer software and important documents to personal belongings, is delivered directly to your destination. It means no more hanging around in check-in queues, trawling baggage carousels or battling with airport staff over lost luggage.

The company has a flawless record for safely delivering its clients luggage, and incorporates a state of the art tracking system that scans items up to 20 times en route ensuring that nothing disappears.

First Luggage will arrange to collect luggage from your home or work place before the day of departure and deliver it to their holiday destination in time for your arrival. A text message lets you know that it has arrived safely. For the return trip, the same applies – First Luggage collects the luggage on the day of departure and delivers it back safely to the customer`s home. Unlike airlines, First Luggage tracks your luggage a minimum of six times during transit – for an update simply log on to , click on the tracking link and enter your personal number for a real time review.

In terms of cost this is what it would cost you flying from London to Barbados (not sure why you’d take your ski’s but there we go!):

Ski Boots £ 149.00
Skis £ 189.00
Snowboard £ 209.00
Pram / Stroller £ 209.00
Golf Bag £ 219.00

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