Cinnamon Club – review

We recently paid another visit to the Cinnamon Club in London’s Westminster.


On our last visit we rated it as The best Indian restaurant in the world and with some justification. Our opinions haven’t changed. The taster menu remains an absolute triumph and the ambience in the library and basement bars is very much conducive to chat and repartee. The exquisite Bellinis are a must try.

The dishes were seasonal, perfectly spiced and included delights such as:

• Roasted plaice with Bengali spiced crab

• Stir-fried asparagus with `kadhai` spices, yoghurt gnocchi

• Grilled half lobster with garlic and pepper butter

• Pan seared breast of Gressingham duck with coconut vinegar sauce

• Roast saddle of `Oisin` red deer with pickling spices

• Spice crusted zucchini with pickled mushroom, bitter gourd and chana dal sauce

• Cauliflower and smoked buffalo cheese parcel with stir fried green pea and potato

• Fillet steak of Wagyu beef with stir fried morels, saffron sauce

• Sandal wood flavoured tandoori chicken breast, curried morels

As cold winter nights draw in, the Cinnamon Club surely has to be one of the finest eateries in London to warm the cockles of your heart.

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