Bulthaup B2 Kitchen Furniture System

bulthaup always seem to have some wonderful piece of design up their sleeve and their new b2 Kitchen Furniture System is certainly no exception.

The b2 is basically an open and mobile kitchen that can be tailored to your own style and demands. It comprises just three elements, a workbench, kitchen tool cabinet and appliance housing cabinet.

The 3 elements are designed with specific functions. The workbench is for the fire and water points; the kitchen tool cabinet for crockery and cooking utensils, as well as spices and food; whilst the appliance cabinet houses the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator.


You can either set it to conceals everything or showcase it. What`s truly unique about this piece of furniture however is the fact you can grow it or reduce it dependent upon your requirements – you simply add modules (from bulthaup of course).

Prices start from £25,000 and you can catch a glimpse of the b2 at selected bulthaup partner shops across the world.


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