Best camping wind breaker – Kampa Pro

This summer we’re undertaking reviews of some of the finest pieces of camping equipment money can buy, starting with the all-important wind breaker.

Now, if you’ve ever been camping without a wind breaker, you’ll quickly realise their value. For one, without one, expect the elements to do their best at ensuring your hair is permanently in your face!

On our hunt for the best wind break on the market, Kampa kindly sent us their top of the range Kampa Pro 3 panelled wind breaker, which also comes as a 5 panel too by the way.

The Kampa Pro comes in its own super handy and sturdy carry bag. It’s not light (approx. 10kg), but that’s because it contains adjustable metal bars that really do an amazing job of holding it in place, even in strong winds.

We took it to one of the windiest spots we know, to Durdle Door, where we put it through its paces. Once set up it is 460cm long and 142cm high, which provides a really good degree of privacy and protection from other campers and the elements of course. It took around 5 minutes to erect and secure with its super strong plastic pegs and a rubber mallet, and didn’t move a muscle for 24 hours, even in a force 7 gale!

It pops together really easily and offers a very good view through its super strong crystal clear transparent panels, which are eye level when sitting down. The material is flame retardant and UV stabilised, and the supporting metal poles are easily adjustable allowing you to brace harder quickly if required.

To sum up, whilst there are cheaper alternatives out there (retails around £110), we don’t believe anything comes close in terms of ease, performance and durability.

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