Alila Ubud, Bali, Review

Conveniently located in the centre of Bali, for us, Ubud represents the beating heart of this beautiful island. A permanent energy pulses through this place, and if you are visiting Bali, we recommend adding it to your itinerary, even if for just a few days.

The 5-star Alila Ubud resort is situated 10 minutes’ drive outside the centre of Ubud, within a serene backdrop of jungle and rice fields where wildlife and monkeys are abundant. This is an oasis of calm in what is a bustling yet exhilarating local town.

Alila Ubud will appeal to you if you enjoy wonderful service on every level. The resort has been carefully designed to blend into the landscape, integrating many natural materials, including wood, stone, and palm thatched roofs. Industrial, contemporary concrete walls tastefully jut out of the undergrowth and are often adorned with climbing plants, giving this a feel of being at one with nature.

Our recent 2-night stay at this award-winning resort was nothing short of awe-inspiring, an impression which will imprint a long-lasting memory forever. Impeccable service, spectaculars vistas, and an unwavering dedication to Balinese heritage determines this location in our Bali top 5 (this is our third trip!).

As you turn off the main road down the windy drive through the lush rice fields, this will ultimately lead you to an oasis, and you will start to sense the beginning of a very special experience.

You will be welcomed with staff clad in sarongs greet you with genuine smiles and gentle hands, offering a welcome drink infused with fresh local flavours, whilst checking in. The hotel flows beautifully downhill, with a steep ending at the award-winning infinity pool with a draw dropping backdrop of jungle landscape, as far as the eye can see. After checking in, one of the first things we saw were the resident monkeys, who looked very chilled out, however, we were advised not to feed or make eye contact with them.

Alila Ubud offers an idyllic spectrum of accommodation options, offering high end villas, with and without private pools, all incredibly spacious and equipped with everything you should need. Many properties each have beautifully maintained gardens many with their own ponds and guaranteed views, but what made our villa so special, was the balcony which looked out into the jungle. Don’t leave your door open, as you may end up with a cheeky little visitor on your doorstep on the hunt for food.

As with Alila Manggis, the gastronomy delights are exceptional. Local delights adorn the menu, cooked to absolute perfection, and if you have a preference to any specific foods, allergies, or intolerances, these will be adhered to.

In the Plantation restaurant, for breakfast, smoothies were a favourite with us, as you won’t find fresher fruit! We dined here one evening and had a fantastic experience. Opting for local Balinese dishes, we were amazed by the unique flavours on offer. The restaurant is open with a central bar, towering coconut pillars and traditional alang-alang roof creating an exotic feel for diners as they experience stunning 360 views of the natural surroundings. These features combined with the intimate lighting provides a sense of calm and exclusivity. 

Alila takes a farm-to-table approach, offering healthy and innovative dishes bursting with organic goodness. Whether you opt for a romantic candlelit dinner overlooking the valley or a casual lunch in Cabana Lounge by the pool, every meal is a delicious culinary adventure.

Beyond the luxurious confines of the resort, Alila Ubud is an ideal stay for those seeking local adventure. The complimentary shuttle service whisks you away to the vibrant Ubud Market, where you can haggle for treasures and immerse yourself in the local culture. This is one of our favourite pastimes, but it must be said that we also enjoyed escaping the humdrum after a couple of hours!

For the adventurous, guided treks through rice paddies and ancient temples offer magnificent vistas and cultural insights. We took the temple tour, which we’ve done before, but was still a worthwhile (albeit hot) experience. We loved learning more about the culture and marvelling at the architecture, which is unique to Bali.

We would also recommend the white-water rafting, which we squeezed into a morning, and it was so worth it! It was just incredible, and we would suggest getting the hotel to book it for you, as they use the best company, get a brilliant discount, and arrange the pick-up and drop off to the hotel etc. We can see why Masons is the best rafting company by a country mile and we can honestly say it was one of the highlights of our trip for sure.

For those seeking inner peace and wellbeing, you can find solace in yoga classes held amidst the serene rice fields or book in for a pamper session with rejuvenating spa treatments combining traditional Balinese rituals. We had a Balinese massage, which lasted for an hour, and it was quite possibly the best we’ve ever had. Never have we been in such a relaxed state!

Alila Ubud is more than just a resort, it’s an idyllic escape into an exclusive and enchanting wilderness. If you seek an experience that transcends the ordinary, a journey that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit, then Alila Ubud awaits, with open arms and a promise of unforgettable memories.

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