$5.6 million Qing Dynasty Vase Found in Cupboard

Sometimes it really is worth getting your old junk valued before throwing out! That’s certainly what the owner of a £2.8 million ($5.6 million) Qing Dynasty vase is saying today.


On the verge of selling her vase for a paltry sum, the lady concerned decided to get a valuation. What a wise move.

On closer inspection it turned out to be an original Chinese dragon vase dated between 1736 and 1795.

Amazingly, the rather innocuous looking piece spent almost 30 years collecting dust in a cupboard. That was until it went up for auction at Sotheby’s yesterday.

The lucky buyer sealed the purchase at a staggering £2,820,500 ($5,641,000). I doubt it’s going to be used for flowers!!!

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