The Goldplus Nano – The World`s Cheapest Car Gets A Bling Makeover

Three years ago, Tata Motors unveiled the world`s cheapest car, the Tato Nano. At £1,300 the Tato Nano was billed as `the people`s car` for India and after the launch, Tata Motors had an enviable waiting list.

Demand has dropped somewhat since. Safety issues (a number of cars have reportedly burst into flames) and consumer pride have been cited as reasons for the slump. It seems status is everything, owning a new car is paramount, owning a Nano is not.


So how about this for status? The Goldplus Nano takes the base level car and turns it into something… well, I don`t know really.

For 3 million quid, you get the £1300 Nano, with extras. The extras are extra special, but I do not think it makes the Nano anymore desirable! You could buy over 2300 standard Tato Nano`s for this, although I`m not sure what you could do with them!

Covered in 80kg of 22 carat gold and 15kg of silver, it will turn heads. It will also probably make those same heads hang in shame.

There has never been a better example of why `bling` is so vulgar. Mutton dressed as lamb, it is never a good thing.

The Goldplus Nano doesn`t stop there though. It is also inlaid with 10,000 semi precious stones and gems.

With Tato`s drop in sales with the base level Nano`s, it`s a relief that the Goldplus Nano is a one off. This unique car is for promotional purposes only and will tour Tata owned jewellery stores across India.

The `people`s car` of India may struggle to attract any buyers, with its £3 million price tag.

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