Real Life Santa`s Random Act Of Kindness

It has been reported that a real life Santa has been operating in Miami. An anonymous donor dropped a diamond ring into a Salvation Army bin.

Inside the bin was, wrapped in a rubber band, a $50 bill and inside the $50 bill was a note, and inside the note was the ring.

“They need more than I. Do good! A Friend,” the simple note read.


The ring, which features two diamonds and a sapphire, was immediately valued at $2,000.

It was the second time in two years that something “special” had been dropped in a Salvation Army bin in the area.

Last year a gold nugget, which was later auctioned for $4,000, was found with a similar note.

This all got me thinking. Christmas has been savagely over-commercialised in recent times. I for one am `guilty` of spoiling my kids this year. Being aged 5 and 6, this is the most wonderful time for them and I wanted to make sure it will be as memorable as possible.

They are sorted. But what about the needy this Christmas?

I am not suggesting you drop your bling and rocks into the nearest Sue Ryder, but whilst we all go mad at the tills at this time of year, it`s worth considering charity too.

A number of charity shops offer great brand new gifts and the chance to help others at the same time. See `Oxfam Unwrapped` for more gift ideas.

If you have finished work for the year, why not have a sort through your wardrobe – to make room for that jumper that`s definitely coming!

Drop your unwanted into Oxfam, even if it`s high end clobber. Oxfam have cannily introduced their Oxfam online shop, selling the very best cast offs. There are items currently on sale by Prada, Jimmy Choo, Versace and more.

How about a pair of Vera Wang platform sandals for less than £30? You may need to make more room in that wardrobe.

Truly, guilt free shopping.

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