The Jaguar C-X75 – Inspirational movie by dunhill

The Jaguar C-X75 Inspirations & Icons – a new short movie from dunhill’s DAY 8

To celebrate the birth of the new Jaguar C-X75 Alfred Dunhill have filmed a short movie that links its inception to the legendary 1960`s icon – the Jaguar XJ13. The movie is a must for all car lovers everywhere.

The long lost 1960`s XJ13 was possibly Jaguar`s most stunningly beautiful design. Produced to compete (and surely win) Le Mans, it sadly never raced due to a change in competition rules.

Forget the e-Type, it is this Jaguar design that holds special with the Jaguar manufacturers. There was only one XJ13 ever made.


dunhill`s new movie is yet another inspiring black and white affair, harking back to the Iconic XJ13, which is now the inspiration behind a modern interpretation – the state of the art C-X75.

The film is beautifully shot and captures the inspiration and design methods for this superb machine. The C-X75 is a lovely looking car, its performance isn’t too bad either! It is propelled by a combination of four electric generators, two jet turbines and a diesel engine making it very fast and extremely efficient.


The C-X75 is the perfect successor to the most beautiful Jaguar ever made. Combining modern engineering and design with the aesthetic delights of the XJ13, this is Jaguar`s chance to re live the glamour of the 1960`s in today`s modern world.

This movie is part of dunhill`s DAY 8. DAY 8 lives on and as an iPad app. DAY 8 is collection of the best cool content that the web has to offer, it’s one of my favourite destinations online.

You can view the inspiring film HERE, and I urge you to. It is fascinating stuff.

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